Thursday, March 24, 2011

Best ads of the week.

Best video ad: Volkswagen Commercial "The Force"

This Volkswagen ad shows a young boy disguised as Darth Vader trying to use “the force” to animate objects. He tries a bunch of things without success and finally manages to turn on his father’s Volkswagen car. We then realise it was his father who remotely turned on the engine using his car key.
This ad shows the new technologies used by Volkswagen: the remote engine start key. This specific piece of equipment may seem useless to most people but comes in handy for those whishing to turn on the heat or the air conditioning before getting in the car for example (very useful in cold or hot places).

How often have you been scorched by the car seats after your vehicle has been parked for hours out in the summer sun?

The ad itself is not the best ad in showing of technologies or product characteristics, but it works brilliantly in getting the customer’s attention. The aim here is to associate the car, brand or technology used by the company with fond childhood memories (Star Wars) as well as the need for many to have family sized cars. Obviously the destined viewer is a young male adult, looking to purchase their first family car.

Best print ad: Mercedes Benz "Left Brain, Right Brain"

This ad was complimented by many for the creativity of the concept and the artictic way in which it was presented. It is simple but efficient in showing how Mercedes Benz use both "sides of the brain" to make their cars.

Best concept:

The first reaction of any car owner would be of shock in seeing that your car has been vandalized... but this only adds to the effect created when the person has a closer look at the Shuriken in question. Indeed, through this clever technique, the Japanese restaurant manages to attract the customer's attention in a very unique way (click on the image to read more about it in the small print).

Hats off to them!

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