Thursday, March 31, 2011

What is Russia? Light solutions ad?

Nice advertising for a light solutions company. The goal was obviously to create a buzz. I think they have done a good job in making Russia incomprehensible enough, and maybe a little too much. But the idea with the Matrioshka Russian symbol and all the clichés make this ad very funny and attractive. One point, nevertheless: I did not catch company main business, for me it was a consultancy for foreign business implementation in Russia... Maybe I'm not the right audience?..

Pavel Morozov
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  1. Nice video. They created a buzz definitely, I even shared it and posted it on my blog on Russia (among other things):
    I fully agree with you: impossible to fathom the real nature of their business, except if your read "lighting solutions". But at the end, you come up with remembering the video, not the brand, so I think it's not that good

  2. Many marketers around the world make this mistake too often - making ads enterteining and funny, but this will not generate any sales, especially if the ad has little relation to the brand

    P.S. I thought they're a consulting company that helps foreign brands enter the russian market