Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ambush marketing and territorial marketing: Germanwings, CocaCola and DIY stors

A few weeks ago I posted an article on ambush marketing, a concept I find really interesting, innovative and promising if used correctly. Ambush marketing, in a few words, is the art of using an event, problem or concept used in the media to promote your brand, product of ideas for free (or at least for a very small cost). The point is to create a buzz and make the media talk about what you are promoting for free, granting you amazing media coverage for something that can cost practically nothing.

My idea here was initially to find some interesting examples of ambush marketing used for territorial promotion and development. I searched the web for such example but could not come up with any.

So the question I have now is this:
Do you know of any good, interesting examples of ambush marketing used in territorial marketing strategies?

If you can think of any please share them with us so that we can start collecting these examples, gather ideas and improve existing concepts!

Moreover, do you think ambush marketing can be used as a base for territorial marketing? Do you have any ideas as to how one would proceed?
I think it could be an excellent way of promoting a region: one could for example make the region very different on one specific subject (environment and green energy seem to be popular topics nowadays) and devise a fun and new way of making the press aware of this fact. I am always surprised to see how people pull of some of their marketing stunts and wonder at how (and who) came up with the original idea. As a marketer I find it really refreshing to stumble upon something this new, this original and this creative and feel (for once) proud to be able to share this new marketing technique with friends.

It is nice to see that in a world so full of boring and repetitive advertising, sometimes, someone, somewhere, can still make us realize the possibilities we have at our disposal.

Thank you for your help.

PS: As a token gift I have selected for you 3 recent ambush marketing campaigns you will be able to find underneath that I think are really good.

This first one happens on an Easy Jet plane and the captions basically show how a family is separated throughout the plane. It the compare it to the other company Germanwings. 

This one is a clever "use" of traffic-jams by Coca Cola... I think it's pretty self explanatory.

This last one is my personal favorite as it was done by a small local compagny. I like it because it shows that you can do some really interesting things even when you do not have multinational fundings at your disposal.

Enjoy and don't forget to help us by commenting and sharing your examples!

By James Berry
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