Friday, June 15, 2012

Sex appeal in Place Marketing

Nowadays there is a small tending, which can be recognized as extraordinary or, moreover, vulgar. However, there are some varieties of examples of the concept of sexuality in a rapidly increasing business area known as territorial marketing or place marketing.

Here we go. Tel-Aviv, the business capital of Israel, now got branded as a new gay and lesbian capital: Tel-Aviv Gay Vibe. Guess what, English-German investment equal to the amount of 88.1 US dollars is directing over there. So that, it will promote a gay-tourism with the following resorts, shopping routes, etc. This is a good point of applying the term “sexuality” to place marketing.
The campaign is detailed on the website:
Tel Aviv invites you to have fun, be free and feel fabulous!

Also, there is an ad made by Swiss company in purpose to promote Switzerland as a location of European Football Championship-2008. Quite cute, it shows a beautiful European nature and countryside with unusual appeared workers. Worth seeing. 


However, there are some pointless and awkward examples of doing so. The first one is Poland. The Bolkestein directive, which allowed to a Polish company to work in France according to Polish conditions and not the French ones. And, it caused one inconvenient for seeing a concept or fact called “Polish Plumber” (in French: “plombier polonais”). 

The second example is Georgia. Not the American one, the ex-USSR one. And there is nothing to say, just total misunderstanding. What is it? Kind-of-sexy man called Tbilisi is branding the name of Georgian capital flirting with young women. Moreover, they took money from the city budget to shoot and advertise this slightly erotic video. You must see it.

To sum up: sex appeal as a mean of attractiveness must be applied with a great accuracy to avoid the experience of Georgia, with some humor like Switzerland or Poland, or direct to the point for the minority as Tel-Aviv not without the risks...

As for other conclusions, they are always welcome in the comments below :)


By Sergei Makarov
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