Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Greece wants to promote the brand… Greece

Ministry of tourism and Greek national tourist organization (GNTO) intent to revive brand “Greece” and to improve country’s image such way.
Last years Greece endured bad times, the country are split a lot of camps, all political, economic and social life of Greece is like seethe copper full of different movements and ideas. Greeks lost their identity and most of them actually don’t understand importance of returning to former greatness of Greece. After Olympic Games in 2004 Greece was the fifth between the most famous world brands but since 2006 this country has been losing its positions and now it is 39th. GNTO General Secretary said: “Greece doesn’t need any decorations. Greece is white and blue colours without any symbols, just a name. Brand “Greece” appeared long ago, always it was very well known”. Real value of Greek brand is that it is outside time, it’s not a logo or sign and it appeared of itself without intentional work of PR-managers, designers and brand-makers.

 Greek national tourist organization offered its own variant to rebrand. There will be Greek flag with blue and white lines and with inscription “Greece: classics for all the times”. GNTO wants to explore market, take part in international tourist exhibitions, collaborate with search and reservation systems, renewing of its web-portal, publish materials about Greece in international media… The whole campaign will cost 11 millions euro which can excite population and people inculpate powers in squandering. 

Meanwhile some initiatives to improve Greece image have appeared from the Greek private sector. The first project is “Greece Is Changing” supported and sponsored by large Greece companies such as Fourlis, Costa Navarino, Aegan Airlines and others. “Greece Is Changing” is network of like-minded businessmen, colleagues and friends who want to invite foreign investors and tourist to see through habitual stereotypes and look for Greece new view. They want to create Greece image like stabile area for independent business, for successful development and investments.
The second project is “Reinventing Greece” which appeals to Greek-Americans who travelled to Greece to conduct some media projects to report on how its citizens live today. Young people occupied with communications, journalism or public relations ask Greeks about government, business, write down their ideas and views and gave let their voices to be listened in international discussion.

 I think that Greece have already done all possible to be famous and recognizable. It’s not only see, sun, beaches and hotels. It has incredibly reach and ancient culture which is 3000 years old. Greek literature, theatre, arts, philosophy, mythology became founders of modern European culture. And what to speak about inimitable Mediterranean cuisine. But in general it’s necessary to note that returning to background, to interesting and inpatient history, to national identity will help Greeks to renew their national brand.

by Valentin Ivanov

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