Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Successful territorial branding can do for a city more than other marketing tools

Today territorial branding arouse great interest more than corporative one. Often city branding and especially re-branding have a good impact on their image. Today I’m going to tell you about the most successful territorial brands.

Melbourne: emotions overflow

One of the most impressive and bright branding examples is City of Melbourne, Australia. Today its old logo is too simple and doesn’t provoke any associations besides those ones which are connected with its elements: sun, pen and column. This symbol conformed all tendencies of 80s, it was very restrained and absolutely without emotions.

In contrast to the old logotype the new one caught spirit of modern times. It is like a certain monogram embodying infinite transformations and reincarnations. The shape reminds of a crystal which can transform its image adapting to various cultural contexts and using the wildest color gamut.

Its creator is the Landor agency; it earned $240,000 from city administration. It was found that new logo is worth the effort. This innovative brand will take the place of more than 40 symbols.

This work is very revealing for modern territorial branding. It could unite different cultural and social levels. It went away of officialese and bureaucratic prejudices. It is a good example of how one brand can find common grounds with media, social networks, public communications, etc.

Las Vegas: faithfulness to traditions

Las Vegas is the most stable brand in the world. It didn’t go through negative shocks. The city image was created as far back as XIX century, the building times. And now city power organized actions to support their brand.
In 2003 the R&R Company created a motto which symbolizes Las Vegas essence: “What Happens here, Stays here”. It became famous all over the world. It is necessary to say that the slogan is not unfounded. The R&R researched public opinion to know why people like their city. It appears that Las Vegas gives them possibilities to get to the worlds where excitements, pleasure and adventures are like nowhere. It is a peculiar world closed of outsiders and which doesn’t expose its own secrets.

Such advertising campaign was appreciated like one of the most successful in the USA and got the name of “the cultural phenomenon”.

to be continued…

by Valentin Ivanov
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