Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Territorial logos: good, better, the best!

Last time we started to view various territorial brandings, successful as a rule. At that time it was logos of Las Vegas and Melbourne cities. Today I’m going to tell you about logos of the New-York, Perm, Kazan cities and some countries such as Croatia, Estonia, France, Italy and Slovenia. Some of brands became better, some not so. 


The process of the New-York branding started in 80s and today we can say that its territorial branding is one of the most serious in XX century. City branding became an important strategy which has already proved its efficiency. In 1977 the New-York Commerce Department gave an order to Wells Rich Green agency to do an advertising campaign. Nobody knew that campaign will take longer than it was planned. Designer Milton Gleizer made a city logotype absolutely gratis. Suddenly it became the New York symbol. Logo is too simple and too successful that all New-Yorkers loved it and today a lot of territories try to copy this idea. But their attempts are unsuccessful: if people see “I love so-and-so” they remember about the New-York city immediately.


This city is an example of how large-scale cultural and sport events can promote the branding starting. In fact this method proves its value: the city is in the centre of the events, all media watch it intently and all advantages and disadvantages are conspicuous. New Kazan logotype creation is connected with forthcoming World Students Games. New brand was placed even at the houses’ numbers. New motto “Thousands worlds of the New” is a symbol of interconnection of different cultures and religion living here together since the beginning of the time.

Well-known and one of the most expensive Russian designers offered a quite simple logotype for Perm (Пермь). By his opinion logo should be only the first letter of the city name – П. No decorations and ornaments. He offered to use this understandable and easy-to-read letter everywhere: from houses’ numbers to walls and benches. People were too amazed by Perm logo simplicity and clarity.

Desire to become the European Union member made Estonia to brand actively. It was very necessary to create a proper image of this small Baltic country for Europeans, the EU members. Branding started in 2002, the project cost was about $1,000,000. The result is the logo and the motto “Welcome to ESTonia” or “Go to EST!”.

France is one of the most outstanding modern territorial brandings. This country endowed new logo with new images, filled it with a great number of means, and escaped of usual using of the state symbols. It is unique case in the territorial identification. New French logotype is airy, light, expressive and quite emotional. It correlates well with the idea of all country branding. That rebranding is very successful. It seems that the logo is drew by the hand, strive upwards and transforms into personal signature of France.

Rebranding here was in 2006. I can’t say that restyling changed the composition a lot, rather the presentation style was transformed. New logo has more bright colours and sun cheer mood. The symbol became more attractive and pleasant visually, and doesn’t resemble those corporative red-blue colours more.

In contrast to the Croatian logo the Slovenian one underwent important changes. Besides the new type appeared it was worked out new image including three symbols: a lime leaf, a heart and the Slovenian mountain Triglav. But it was quite difficult for amateurs to identify all these symbols. Rather they make the logo like flame that correlates with the country branding in a strange way. And used colour decisions make it too dark and not such cheerful.

Italian logo had considerable changes. Old sign was rather dynamic in its composition and had a riot of colour. Traditional Italian flag colours are used in new logotype; it became more accurate and even ascetic but rich in meaning at the same time. Symbol supports the country motto “Italia leaves trace”

by Valentin Ivanov
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