Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Discover Latvia. Discover Latvia?

Often inhabitants of Latvia, small country on the Baltic see coast, have a problem how to explain and present their country for other people from all over the world. Sometimes people even don't know where Latvia is situated and often mix it up with Lithuania.

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia tried to solve this problem and produced promo video "The Journey through Latvia".

The purpose of this video is obvious, to attract investors and foreign companies to launch their business in Latvia. Video creators emphasized six main advantages of their country like a good field for successful business. The geographic situation is profitable: between Russia, Poland, Germany and countries of Scandinavian and Baltic regions. Three international ice-free ports, direct railway Riga - Moscow, more than 65 direct air flights from Riga International Airport and short distances between Riga and European capitals provide good infrastructure.
This video also notes that here is one of the highest enrollment in the world and most competitive workers in the EU, most of them speak three languages. The Investment and Development Agency also reminds about success innovation projects launche in Latvia: pharmaceutical industry, biotech and even some technologies for NASA. Low taxes and simple procedure to start up is also attractive for foreigners, video creators consider. And certainly well favorable ecology situation and high level of culture and art. "Launch your company in Latvia and never look back", says the narrator, and the video ends with words "Discover Latvia".
All it seems very positive and very attractive but real situation is some another and even ordinary Latvia inhabitants say other things about economic and investment attractiveness of their country. The TNS Agency and the LNT TV company made an opinion poll where 700 people took a part. Three-quarters said that unemployment is the most important problem, one half said that it is fast inflation, almost 40% worry about corruption. Two-thirds residents appraised their incomes and financial situation of their families like bad and very bad. The number of people who wants to emigrate from Latvia grows every year. The number of able-bodied people who emigrate from Latvia is in 5 times more than people who immigrate into this country.
Undoubtably Latvia needs new investors but is it possible to improve situation when Latvian government can't decide problems of their own sitizens.

by Valentin Ivanov
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