How to stay informed

Dear readers,

We would like to remind you that we have a Facebook page and a LinkedIN group now that you can "Like" and "Join" in order to be kept up to date of the new articles and events we have. The LinkedIN group has as main goal to educate and bring people together around the theme of place marketing.

"We at ID-réel (real idea in French) feel that place marketing is still a concept that is not very well known in English speaking countries. As the France seems to be on their way to becoming one of the first countries were most of their towns and regions seem concerned with place marketing, we wish to bring you all the new trends and ideas found in this country as well as examples from other regions and countries all over the globe.

Thanks to this group we are hoping to give those who wish to know more a chance to observe, think and exchange in a professional environment. Please help us improve this collective knowledge by giving ideas, thoughts and examples around the theme of territorial marketing. Help us, others and yourself learn more about this young phenomenon by sharing and working together towards a better understanding of place marketing!"

So if you want to join any of these two groups, please just follow the links:
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Linkedin: click!

Thank you.