Our projects


The main business of the company is increasing of the attractiveness of the territories inside of the region itself as well as on the international level.
We create a complex approach to the development of a region, including five main directions:
·       Image development – projects connected with the impression the region makes on residents and visitors as well as on foreigners, federal government and nearby regions. The image of a region is fundamental in working with the investors, tourists, and population itself. We deal with professional image making and its maintaining.
·       Economic development - developing and promoting of economic projects, attracting Russian and foreign investment, creating competitive projects on economic development of a region.
·       Social development - more than 15 year experience of our Russian partners – unique technologies of effective reducing of  social stress and establishing solid contacts between the government and the people,  the European approach and level of the performance make ID-reel the best partner for creating and implementation  of projects of that kind.
·       Cultural, scientific and educational projects: development and implementation of initiatives of different kinds, the aim of which is the development of the potential in scientific and cultural spheres.
·       Tourism support – attracting attention to a region with the purpose of internal, interregional and international tourism, increasing the number of tourists.
The following cities can be named among the clients of ID-reel:  Strasbourg, Vologda, Odessa, Kaluga and Novgorod Region.
Past projects:
ID-réel has worked on a good variety of projects all attached to territorial marketing, mostly with the Russian region Vologda, a region in search of international recognition on an economic basis as well as for it's many interesting touristic attractions. The first edition of the VOICES Festival of Vologda is a European independent film festival. This festival's ambition is to become the biggest Russian film festival and to equal some of the other biggest European film festivals. was a big success for the region and for the films and film producers present. We were glad to see that the guests were pleased with the event and that the objectives given to us by the region were fulfilled.

Moreover, ID-reel has developed a good experience in the fields of event organizing with conferences, meetings, presentations to investors and press tours. These all have a very similar goal that is to develop the regions on a financial, social or touristic level.
ID-reel therefor can easily take on any projects put forwards by the regions and can have a real impact on the region's marketing or presence on the tourism or investment markets.