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What is territorial Marketing?

In the modern world, the territories - cities, towns, regions, countries or districts - compete against one another as if they were ordinary business units. The object of their competition is crucial for those territories' development: tourists, investors, inhabitants, financial aid from the central government... With the growing level of such competition, it is very important to implement modern measures of raising the attractiveness of a territory. The complexity of such measures, which includes territorial improvement, public relations, event management, government relations and many more, can be overwhelming for small local government branches. The combination of these factors is regrouped under one concept called "Territorial Marketing". 

The goal of such marketing is to create a system of local activities, joining inside a single concept a big list of possible actions that include social development, urban development and advertising. All this is done to achieve a universal goal that every modern territory has before it: increasing the level of attractiveness for government or foreign investment or for tourists. The target group is determined separately in each case, but attractiveness remains the central point.  

ID-reel was established by a group of regional development specialists in France, in 2009. Nowadays ID-reel is one of the leaders in organizing effective regional projects. We cooperate both with different Russian regions and other countries. The international team of professionals with the experience of working in large international corporations and with regional government in different countries of the world provide high quality of service, combining European experience and technologies paying close attention to the peculiarities of each city, each region and each country.
Working under the condition of complete transparency, and using non-standard approaches to task achievement, ID-reel has become an effective partner for Russian regions in the business of attracting investment, developing of social and cultural projects, development of tourism and also in promoting local projects inside and outside the country.
The high level of our work is confirmed by a  large list of our partners, such as The European Commission, French, Italian, German, Spanish Embassies and the Embassies of other countries in Russia, Leading World Branding Companies ( Publicis, Interbrand, etc.), investment companies and funds, European tourist companies, and leading journalist of the world media as well. 

Find out more on our website at www.ID-reel.com